A native of Barcelona, Rainer Serrat was born in 1984. He´s interest for music starts at young age recording random mixes to cassette tapes in the late 90´s .He quickly builded a passion for electronic music and started playing and collecting records, the influence of techno and house movements of that time would be catalyst to his entry into the world of production.

Rainer grow up with rock & more psocodelic rock which today can be identified through simple melodies, hard beats contrasted with quite stripped down baselines. Throughout the last few years Rainer have been heavily inspired by Jazz, which takes his mixes into deeper more soulful recesses of house yet with jazzy influenced syncopation. His signature sound has elements of heavy yet forced rhythm which bring in an almost self-consciously musical experimental into his sets.

Spending his teenager years in California, Rainer got the opportunity to not just hear Chicago house & Detroit beats, but as well to explore the origin of house music. Raised in the time of forward thinking artists such as Jeff Mills, Ricardo Villalobos & Richie Hawtin, Rainer found himself inspired to manipulate already pioneering sounds which today can be seen catalyst to his entry into the modern world of electronic house music productions.

With an ability to feel the energy from his crowed, together with his skill for improvisation, Rainer manage to connect & pull his audience into a seducing landscape of different layers of sounds bringing in deep house elements together with minimal techno beats.

With his first release on Serialism „Neuralgia“, Rainer secured a solid position within the electronic scene with praise from the likes of Seth Troxler, Cesare vs Disorder, Kate Simko and Ryan Crosson. Rainer has further releases on labels such as Vinyl Club „El ser o el no ser EP“, Remake Music vol.8 under both his monikers (Ray and Dusty Dreamboat), Serialism Records – 8000 feet up, with an edit of Shaun Reeves & Tale of Us. Desolate with Javier Vaduz featuring tales of lost memories and other-worldliness of early morning hours, that were some of the best kept secrets of Loco Dice sets summer 2011 & coming up his is release on Half Baked Records.

Rainer has showcased his sound at luminary clubs such as Fabric (London), Watergate (Berlin) & Weekend (Berlin),Tresor (berlin) Gipsy (Moscow) Resolute (USA), as well starting a new residency at London Half Baked parties & becoming an HBF Agency Resident artist in 2012.

a very waited ep on Russian label (Red Panda) with Vera rmxing is on the way!! look out for this very soon!


Artist Title Label Year
Viudez & Rainer Scusas Desolat 2011