After three years of life as a recording artist, Argy is finally receiving the kind of credit he’s worked so hard to deserve and is now recognized as a consistent driving force in modern electronic dance music.

Driven by his constant desire to surpass himself and through sticking to a fiercely independent work ethic, Argy has managed successes previously unheard of from an artist of 23 years of age within his respective scene. The evidence of this can be clearly seen in his extensive discography of releases on labels such as Pokerflat, Cocoon, Objektivity, Deeply Rooted house, Ibadan, Defected and many more.

In the club Argy provides fearlessly eclectic sets that magically manage to make sense of moments such as a driving Jeff Mills techno cut introducing rare disco classic which can then take a mesmerizing turn down any of the many pathways his diverse record bag has to offer. Through his natural talent for playing in-tune and constantly grooving Dj sets that know no musical boundaries, Argy excels in creating a real party soundscape that works perfectly with his bold image to ensure his performances are something refreshingly different in the current club world.

In 2009 he founded his own label , „These Days“, as a platform on which to present his own more personal material and the work of artists, both new and old, that fit his vision of contemporary, soulful club music.


Artist Title Label Year
Argy Closer Than Most DESOLAT 2014