Dragosh‘s sound continues to evolve day by day and his live performance is based on the background of manipulating the soundwaves and musical algorithms for a long time now.

Dragosh started listening to vinyl at the young age of 8 and at 15 he already started creating sounds using software. A natural at manipulating the soundwaves and musical algorithms, Dragosh now established in Milano, has been infiltrating music software since the age of 15, based on a healthy obsession with the foundation of sound design. Raised in Bucharest, his roots run to house, jazz and hip hop. His music can be defined with passion term: that’s the main reason he’s doing it.

Dragosh released so far on labels like Desolat, Viva Music and featured on compilations for labels like Moon Harbour, Nervous and others. Next steps in his career is greating emotional sounds and good engined music.


Artist Title Label Year
Dragosh Warm Up DESOLAT X 2010