Branching out to a solace voyage of creativity and sound, DJ Robert Dietz has been making waves yet again in the dance scene with his latest epic venture – record label ‘Truth Be Told’. The Berlin-based label aims for originality and creativity, boasting music with character. As always Dietz’ passion is for what works on the dance floor and this new platform for creativity will propel him even further into the elitist producers pool of underground house.

Not only does he continue to make and produce music of his own he continues to carve sounds that incorporate the spirit of the old and the style of the new, keeping his commitment to innovation at the helm of the label. Influenced by metal and punk in the late 80s and 90s Dietz musical progression from hip-hop, drum and bass to techno and house was a journey. Wanting to explore as many different genres as possible experimentation has always been at the forefront of his ambition.

With acclaimed popularity in the electronic dance world he quickly became one of the most in demand names on everyone’s lips, beginning his career working alongside peers such as, Luciano and Loco Dice, he has since made his definitive personality known after numerous album appearances, emerging in nearly every renowned club in the scene, and still leaving time to stay true to his individual character and talent.

Making regular appearances through-out the most famous dance island in the world, Ibiza, performing frequently at Space, and Pacha, Dietz leaves crowds in awe from international stages like Loco Dice’s ‘Used and Abused’ at Ushuaia, London’s prestigious SW4 in 2014, Global electronic dance music festival Time Warp, and New York’s Hyte Festival, compared with more intimate cult clubs like Robert Johnson in Offenbach. He continues to give audiences what they crave, demonstrating an effortless flexibility and flair. With his popularity growing world-wide after touring everywhere from Australia to South America and a fearless attitude for experimentation, Dietz just keeps on winning.

His production skills focus on the medium between technical proficiency and pure exhilaration. Releasing quality records on top class imprints such as ‘Desolat’, ‘Running Back’, ‘Saved’ and ‘Cadenza’. After gaining something from each of them and developing impressive skill sets as a major part of the ‘Desolat’ team having two impressive releases, he continues to celebrate both old school and forward-thinking house the way it should be; but always with that unique Dietz edge that projects his own individual sound and talent.

His passion and drive grip anyone that listens, his rise is ongoing and relentless. His only guiding principle can be summed up in the words of Chuck Roberts: “House, is a feeling!”


Artist Title Label Year
Robert Dietz Sweatshop EP DESOLAT X 2014