Through the sun and the warmth of Puglia, his birthplace; within his mom’s Michael Jackson’s houses and his dad’s Bob Marley’s lodges was born a combination, which today brings Lonely to be a really well-rounded Dj/producer. Lonely is a mixture of what he has faced and experienced in his life: since he was a little child, in love with graffiti and everything dealing with Hip-hop culture, he has managed to combine what he was fascinated by and what he truly carried in his inner soul: electro music. At the age of 10 he familiarized with the world of music through various producing and mixing software. His dedication soon pushed him into his first parties and festivals and his hunger was so strong that when he went to a festival in one of the most famous Italian clubs (Cocoricò) as a spectator, he had to run away from home, since his parents didn’t let him go: he was 14 after all.
Over the years Lonely has demonstrated that his passion is even his main goal not only to his parents: actually, with his first productions he has impressed several international Djs, such as: Marco Carola, Green Velvet, Stacey Pullen, and many others who have supported him since the beginning.
However, one in particular noticed him for similarity of style and sound: we are talking about LOCO DICE, who has always been his point person. Therefore, getting to be constantly supported by him has meant fulfilling a dream that many time before seemed impossible even to think about.
Yet, after many years of hard work, this dream gave to Lonely the opportunity to print his own ep on DESOLAT, label belonging to the Boss LOCO DICE.
He gained a hype for his wide range of releases on significant labels, like: ARMADA SUBJECKT, STEREO PRODUCTIONS, RAWTHENTIC and for many supporters who helped him to play music all around the world, moving to lots of main cities. Lonely is still very young and among the several recordings in program and the already booked dates, he is ready to show off his sound and his determination to grow up!
Stay tuned!



Artist Title Label Year
Lonely Rider Desolat 2019