Andrea Oliva – Get Down

Andrea Oliva makes his Desolat debut with 4-track EP Get Down. The EP kicks off with Crazy A, a grooving track featuring subtle acid stabs and a distinctive refrain. Its followed up by the bumping Elephant; vocal-free, the jacking rhythm builds up to a cascade of dark, siren-like synths. Title track Get Down is the third of the EP, and features an unforgivingly thudding bassline underpinning the dark, echoing vocal sample. That Shhh picks up the tempo to round off the package, with skipping hi hats and a sub-bass melody underpinning a subtle build up of horns and samples. The Get Down EP marks the versatility of Andrea Oliva as a producer; his skill for tougher-edged tech is displayed to full effect on this latest release for Loco Dices label Desolat, whilst his smoother house productions have previously found a home at Saved, Cadenza, DFTD, Be As One and Objektivity amongst others. Enjoy!

[Desolat 048]