Cuartero – Nosy Neighbors

Spanish producer and DJ Cuartero returns to Loco Dices Desolat label for a brand new EP of floorshaking house and techno.
This latest EP kicks off with title track Nosy Neighbors, a bass heavy house workout with an insistent breakbeat driving things along. Multiverso sees the pace pick up as Cuartero steers into techno territory, layering rolling drums with old school stabs to great effect. Add in some mammoth snares, snatches of diva vocals and arpegiated synth work and you have something of a monster on your hands!
Penultimate offering Painting My Town continues in the high intensity vein as the bumping bassline and percussion provide a perfect groove for this instant floorfiller. Finally theres the wonderfully spacious and wonky Who Put the Bomp with its disembodied vocal parts, swirling synth sounds and hypnotic rhythm section.
This is a high impact EP packed with real dance floor heat from one of the days most interesting artists.

[Desolat 053]