Giueseppe Cennamo – Amanecer

Desolat is happy to announce a new 12inch by Giuseppe Cennamo. Born in Naples, Italy in 1980, Giuseppe took to the turntables at age 13. Following the legacy of fellow Napolitanos like Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito and Davide Squillace, he took the inspiration of classic house and melodic synths to build his own brand of tech. His tracks on several labels got a lot of peak time play and caught the ears of Loco Dice. Fortuitously, after a break to clear his head, Mr Cennamo decided to take the inspiration of a Loco Dice DJ set to create something specifically tailored for Desolat, which resulted in this release.This particular slice of vinyl is aimed squarely at the DJs – with the title track Amanecer digging deep into the pads, a cantering kick and gentle swing that hints at Detroit forefathers. Cuando tu quieres stomps its heels and morphs into a very whimsical bouncing house burner: plenty of fun to be had with this one. Dejame asi feels like a spaghetti western re-imagined with the help of a conical moving laser beam, a childrens choir and a bag full of kazoos while The Rest of Nothing is a reduced, Pinocchio-like percussion-driven track with an insistent bassline.