Manon – Que Cara É Essa

Manon aka Manon Maeder has been part of the Swiss techno and house scene since the early nineties. Starting with illegal parties in Bern, later involvement in legendary early days afterhours at the „Oxa“ in Zurich, followed by first productions in 1996, residency at „Hive“ club and her involvement with the „Vision“ festival, Manon is today probably more thrilling than ever before.For Desolat, she delivers remarkable tracks that sound like a sonic snapshot of a balearic sunset.Pat Carnal speaks about Manon getting lost in Brasil 20 years ago and the conversation was recorded at one „Formbar“ afterhour.Guitar virtuoso Mats Küpfer added his part at Studio Willeneger in Bern.We’d like to tell you more about „Que cara é essa“ but it’s probably better to listen to the music.First remix comes from another veteran and one of our heroes, Stacey Pullen, a Kosmik Messenger and an innovator from the second wave of Detroit techno.He takes vocal snippets from the original and wraps them up in his trademark percussive, driving, stripped down sound.Second remix comes from Desolat’s own tINI representing a new generation of electronic music talents. She turns Manon’s original in a dark claustrophobic shaker that will gently take you by the hand and stay on your side until the next sunrise.
[Desolat X012]