Livio & Roby have been central to the acclaimed group of producers that have emerged from the Eastern European hotbed of electronic music that is Romania. Alongside their school-friend George G, the trio have a new project: Premiesku.

The collaboration is a new experience, which is already gaining accolades from many party heads, and acclaimed music professionals. Their first long-player brings together this collective musical experience, and presents a collection of driving and energetic solid grooves, fused with a plethora of colors and sonic twists.

In todays electronic music climate, which is characterised by an emphasis on overly-complex and technologically-advanced productions, Premiesku have a preference for the warmth offered by the analogue age: their sound is one of subtle synths, dulcet tones and beautiful yet twisted melodies effortlessly layered over intricate drums, all made with no more than loving care, and their specifically customised analogue hardware. The results are percussive, hypnotic and totally-engrossing.

With each production on Indirect stretching to over seven minutes in length, the tracks are given room to breath, which allows the listener completely immerse themselves in Premieskus absorbing sonic soundscape.

Beginning with the tinted euphoria of Ceva Care Se Multipli, the album meanders through a host of sounds and influences. From the bouncing, twisted melodies of Technico Stiintific, to gorgeous atmospheric builders such as Mecanism LRG300 and Discurs pe fundal, the latter complete with a public announcement vocal – the trio demonstrate both their considerable production nous as qualified audio engineers, as well as their ability to write wonderfully varied music.

In contrast to Tehnico-Stiintific and Geneza, which showcase Premieskus more experimental nature with their warped techno grooves, there are also some particularly delicate moments such as the serene In Mod Indirect. The album ends in particularly strong fashion with Vag, complete with incessant kick-drum, swirling distorted sounds and cascading piano keys.

Overall then Premiesku have crafted a fascinating experimental electronic album with a Eastern-European twist. Although Indirect is evidently inspired by classic deep house and Detroit techno, it is entirely unique and distinctive and one which is certain to keep drawing the listener back again and again.

[Desolat CD006]