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It took us some time, like most of you, to process what’s been happening out there.
At the same time our scene has been vibrant in new different ways. We saw lots of streams, new forms of festivals, conversations, and most important: artists spent more time in their studios. During this time we have received lots of music that keeps us doing what we love the most – sharing great music with you.

We’ve prepared new releases, a proper power pack.
Some of the tracks you might have heard in Loco Dice’s sets, some were with us for a while, some are new, some forgotten treasures will be unearthed.

There are slightly more colours than before, happy colours and optimism. The months behind us gave us some time to dig through our record collections, tapes, gadgets and wardrobes.
We found lots of inspiration and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Forward Ever Backward Never (Mayday 1992)