DESOLAT 050 X-Sampler 2016

Loco Dices Desolat hits release number 50 in real style with a vast and vital opus that calls upon a wealth of talented producers, from heavyweight global figures to relative newcomers. As well as 19 exclusive new tracks, there is also a mix of them all skilfully put together by Francisco Allendes.

Desolat has been dictating dance trends since 2007 and in doing so has helped advance the careers of many of the scenes key producers. Behind this tale of success has been the tireless efforts of label boss Loco Dice whos dedication to new music has been at the root of everything the label does. This Desolat-X sampler was in fact painstakingly compiled over a period of more than a year with a long list of tracks roadtested repeatedly until Dice had finally pared it down the this perfect set.

This compelling compilation showcases exactly what the label is about: floor facing tunes with real force and personality, and all in all it stands as a top testament to Loco Dices unique vision of dance music.

[Desolat 050]