Desolat are happy to see this notorious Romanian duo continue to stoke the buzz with a brand spanking new release, after a brief hiatus. Livio & Roby bring their signature contemporary blend of house music roots and simmering techno. “Sunday Offend” is a gutsy tune with a magical, timeless quality. A machine-like groove melts like a popsicle on hot pavement, as distorted Rhodes and bass jostle among vocal samples. Hipo features over top of the bubbling bass of “Stapanu Intergalactic“, with synth pulses, strings and persistent high hats creating a subtle urgency. “Tribute” has plenty of room to breathe: stomping methodically along as synth burbles swing back and forth like a seesaw, enveloping a fairground-like melodic fragment. “Garaghivirap” rounds off the release with a techy, tribal vibe that seems constructed from dissected snippets of bicycle bells, whirring wheels and exhaust pipes. Livio & Roby have taken 2010 by the horns, participating in the Desolat US Bus Tour earlier this year alongside Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich, and are ready to blast back into your consciousness with their fresh new material.


[Desolat 012]