Patrick Specke – (G)oing (C)oncern (P)rinciple

20 years time, when vinyl diggers are hunting the most obscure house and techno treasures from the 90s and noughties, theyll probably turn to expert Patrick Specke for assistance. This DJ and producer from Düsseldorf is dedicated to the machines that he uses to craft his metallic, shimmying tunes – but hes equally committed to collecting the best pieces of vinyl that walk the earth. You can hear it in his tracks for this Desolat release: a solid understanding of the space between the beats and the subtly textured samples that help make up a fine dance-floor groove. Tracks like Get Me Out and Bitchual Linestepper use tight drum loops to build the kind of stealth attack that lends itself to dancefloor damage. On Naggin Me the building blocks that make up the classiest 4/4 recordings are reshuffled and stretched out – from here to Mars and back


[Desolat 008]