Shoxy & Alexandar Ivkovic – Red Beans


Shoxy and Alexandar Ivkovic are rightly regarded as two of Serbia’s best-kept secrets. For years they have been amongst the finest DJs on the Serbian circuit. With a handful of releases under his belt on labels such as Davide Squillace’s MiniSketch Records, Shoxy already caused stir on dancefloors worldwide, and the time is finally right for the dynamic duo to make their debut on the ‘Red Beans’ EP.
The ‘Red Beans’ EP showcases the duos considerable talents across four wickedly rhythmic house mutations.
‘Red Beans’ is an impressive opener which is characterised by its clever arrangement and off-kilter beat. Seductive soaring synths, a chanting vocal and further deft sounds are added to the mix resulting in a totally engrossing and hypnotic track.
‘Tromotonik’ develops around a more familiar 4/4 framework, with strong bass and hard-hitting percussion captivating the listener from the outset. Additional vocal elements mean that this is a perfect peak time record to keep a crowd moving. ‘Seattle’ is another tightly produced energetic house track. Contagious right until the last note it sees glitchy vocal fragments and warm chords wash over the punchy beat, while “A Tale Of Rhythm” feels like a ride on a rusty swing with a boom box on your shoulder.

Overall then, the ‘Red Beans’ EP, is a refreshingly distinctive and charismatic four-track debut which takes the listener on a twisted journey through expertly crafted underground sounds.
The end result is totally engrossing and it’s safe to say that this is one of finest debuts on Desolat in recent times.

First 12” pressing comes on transparent green vinyl.
Label artwork by Digital Primate.

[Desolat X023]