Music always played a significant role in the life of Javier Viudez and Rainer Serrat and the quest for the music made them leave their hometowns Mallorca and Barcelona and move to London where they met each other and started sharing a studio in 2004. Constant flow of releases on labels like Serialism, Safari Electronique, Vinyl Club and serious club gigs followed. Here Javier and Rainer kick off a new chapter and team up for 5 tracks, tales of lost memories and other-worldiness of early morning hours, that were some of the best kept secrets of Loco Dice sets this summer. The repetitive title track „Scusas“ with its hypnotic, scale wandering staccato bassline, „Rainer Nostalgia“ with its uplifting vocal shouts, the Timberlake infected, driving „Nuevo Cedar“ or any other piece of this collection, these boys seem to have a golden hand for stripped down grooves.

[Desolat 018]